katrina retallick


  • "Falsettos"
    Directed Stephen Colyer

  • "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
    Directed by Rodger Hodgeman

  • "The Addams Family"
    Directed by Jerry Zacs

  • "Dead Man Brake"
    Directed by Anne-Louise Rentell

  • "Every Single Saturday"
    Directed by Lisa Freshwater

  • "No Way To Treat a Lady"
    Directed by Stephen Colyer

  • "A Day In The Death of Joe Egg"
    White Box Prod. and Critical Stages Regional tour,
    Directed by Kim Hardwick

  • "Wind In The Willows"
    Directed by Marian Bragge

  • "A Little Night Music"
    Directed by Stuart Maunder

  • "Jekyll and Hyde"
    Directed by John Diedrich

  • "I Love You, You're Perfect Now Change"
    Directed by Darren Yap

  • "Songs For a New World"
    Directed by Peter Cousens

  • "Las Vegas, Confidential, The Musical"
    Directed by Chris Hurrell

  • "Hello Again" - Darlinghurst Theatre Company
    Directed by Stephen Coyler

  • "Carousel" - Twelfth Night Theatre Company
    Directed by Gale Wiltshire

  • "Company' - Kookaburra
    Directed by Gale Edwards

  • "Titanic - The Musical" - Seabiscuit Productions
    Directed by John Dietrich

  • "Camelot" - The Production Company
    Directed by George Ogilvy

  • "South Pacific" - Seabiscuit Productions
    Directed by John Dietrich

  • "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"
    Directed by Nadia Tass

  • "Grease The Mega Musical" - Grease On Tour P/L

  • "Evie and the Birdman"
    Directed by Jacqueline Fallon

  • "The New Rocky Horror Show" - Paul Dainty prod. Sydney / Hong Kong
    Directed by Nigel Triffet

  • "Little Shop of Horrors" - David Atkins Entertainment
    Directed by David Atkins


  • Accidents Happen - AH Films
    Director: Andrew Lancaster, 2008

  • "The Eternity Man" - RB Films Pty Ltd
    Directed by Julian Temple, 2007

  • "The Hairdresser"
    Directed by Michael Liu

  • "Crossword" - Metro TV

  • "South" - Sydney University Drama Society

  • "Writing Joachim" - Independent Films

  • "The Cup and the Lip" - AFTRS
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  • "Comedy Inc Series IV" - Crackerjack Productions

  • "Comedy Inc Series III" - Crackerjack Productions

  • "Comedy Inc Series II" - Crackerjack Productions

  • "Comedy Inc" - Crackerjack Productions

  • "The Chaser - CNNN" - Crackerjack Productions

  • "Backberner" - Crackerjack Productions