katrina retallick


Falsettos - Darlinghurst Theatre Co....
“Katrina Retallick was long overdue for a meaty, leading female role, and Trina is it. She’s a superb comedic actress, but it’s refreshing to see her in a role that makes full use of her dramatic and vocal skills. Her act one show stopper I’m Breaking Down is performed as an exercise routine and, even with her constantly jumping about, is a masterclass in focussed musical theatre storytelling”.
dailyreview.crikey.com, Ben Neutze Feb 18, 2014

"Katrina Retallick brings an extraordinary warmth to her Trina, and performs the single most memorable number of the night, based entirely on a step aerobics routine".
Suzy Goes See, Sydney Theatre Reviews, Feb 14, 2014.

"Katrina Retallick as Trina displays a red hot comic virtuosity during her aerobics version of I'm Breaking Down, never missing a beat".
Jessica Keath, theguardian.com Thursday 13 Feb, 2014.

“Katrina Retallick lends a bright, somewhat manic edge to Trina, sings wonderfully and demonstrates show-stopping step aerobic skills”.
Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 14, 2014.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels...
"Katrina Retallick completes the principals and damned near steals the show in a side-splitting turn as Jolene Oakes, the oil heiress from Oklahoma."
John Shand, SMH Oct 25, 2013

"Katrina Retallick has the hit number of the night with a song that is a direct wink and nudge to the Golden Age; as Jolene Oaks, she sings “Oklahoma?” (yes, about the state) and it’s delicious. Retallick is one of our most versatile and reliable stage performers, and she soars in this rol"
Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre, Oct 2013

"Literally chewing the entire scenery, costumes and everything else she can get her hands on, is the stunning Katrina Retallick, whose mad cowgirl stopped the show in her number 'Oklahoma?"
GNN Trevor Ashley Nov 2013

The Addams Family...
"Katrina Retallick is sensational as the repressed, frustrated Alice Beineke who speaks in rhyming platitudes. Her big number Waiting, in which Alice breaks out and lets rip, is a scene-stealing, brilliantly sung highlight."
Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph, March 24, 2013

"In the role of the "normal" mom, Mrs Beineke, Katrina Retallick dazzles in a transformative performance which fully discloses her star power. Retallick is a consistently excellent performer and gives one of the best performances of her career in this show."
Bryce Hallet, StageNoises, March 25th 2013

"Distinctly Mid-Western and out of their comfort zone, ‘normal’ parents Mal and Alice Beineke both undergo transformations. Thanks to an accidental dose Granny’s truth potion, the tightly-laced Alice, who communicates in badly-rhymed poetry, lets loose, and Katrina Retallick ensures it’s a delightfully outrageous high octane turn."
Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers, March 23, 2013.

A Little Night Music...
"Katrina Retallick, as Countess Charlotte Malcolm, is a brilliant young artist still in ascendancy, despite already having a wealth of experience. She easily manages to be utterly convincing, as the hard-done-by wife of the vainglorious Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm..."
Lloyd Bradford Syke - Curtain Calls online Review- July 2, 2010

"Katrina Retallick is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking as Countess Charlotte, and gives one of the show's finest vocal performances, particularly in the beautiful "Every Day a Little Death"... Sarah Noble -The Opera Critic Reviews July 18, 2010

Hello Again...
"Katrina Retallick shines as the Young Wife and draws out her plight with a sure comic touch and truthfulness..."
Bryce Hallett Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 4 2008

"Katrina Retallick again proves herself to be the one to watch....
Variety On Line, June 2007

"Katrina Retallick is hilarious as Alice Beane...(her)voice is great and her characterisation is brilliant."
ausssietheatre.com, October 2006

"Camelot is well cast with Katrina Retallick lending a gossamer lightness and musicality to Guenevere."
Sunday Herald Sun, August 27 2006

"Guenevere...is another standout. Katrina has a gorgeous voice...(she)has great fun with her role as the privileged Guenevere and gives the character depth and charm."
ausssietheatre.com, October 2006

South Pacific...
"Katrina retallick as Nellie Forbush is a star in the making."
Sunday Herald Sun

"It is Katrina Retallick, as Ensign Nellie Forbush, who steals the spotlight with an engaging, energetic and surprisingly poignant performance..Retallick has a knockout stage personality, a fresh look and a lovely voice, and makes the part her own."
Sunday Mail, May 8 2005